Black Duck (or Pacific Black Duck)

Distribution and habitat

Map showing the Australian distribution of the black duck.

The Black Duck is a major game species which is common and widely distributed throughout Australia. The Black Duck occurs across a wide range of habitats from deep, permanent, reed-dominated freshwater wetlands to rivers, creeks and brackish or saline wetlands.


The Black Duck is available for recreational hunting in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and the Northern Territory.


The Black Duck is a dark-brown bird with a pale face and throat. It has a distinctive black eye-stripe that stretches from the top of the bill through the eye. The male and female have a similar appearance.

In flight, the Black Duck is a dark bird with swift wing beats and a slender neck. The upperwing has no white but does have a green glossy colour patch on it. The underwing is white.

On the water, the Black Duck is a medium-sized duck with a slender head and neck which is carried erect.


The female makes a loud raucous quack repeated four to six times.


Here are some images of the Black Duck.

Diagrams of black duck in profile.Close up of Black duck wings and head showing markings.

Video footage

Video footage of the Black Duck is attached below.