Black Duck Video Transcript

Black Duck, or 'Blackies', are one of our best game birds. They're found in most parts of Australia wherever there is surface water.

An obvious feature of Black Duck is the pale, striped face. At a distance, it is sometimes difficult to see the dark stripe, but the pale face usually stands out well. The upperwing is all dark, but in some light conditions you may be able to see a green colour patch. Occasionally, this colour patch may look purple, or else it's not seen it all.

What you should look for on Black Duck are the large white patches on the underwing. These contrast strongly with the dark body and dark upperwing. So to identify Black Duck, look for the pale, striped face, dark body and white underwing. At moderate range and in good light, these features show up well. But you need to be careful. In some conditions, it is difficult to identify this bird.

Here, all you can see is the pale face contrasting with its all-dark body. Remember, if in any doubt, don't shoot.

The favourite habitats of Black Duck are those deep, freshwater swamps with plenty of cover. At close range, the pale, striped face shows up clearly against a dark body.

Black Duck are one of our largest game birds. The other birds here are Chestnut Teal. The pale face and neck are the main features for identification on the water. Compare the Black Duck in the middle with the two Pink Ears on the right and the Hardhead on the left.

In the air, you should look for its white underwing and the contrasting dark upperwing. With good light you may see a flash of green feathers.

Here's another one pitching in. Notice again the white underwing and the pale head. Against the light you can't make out much, but as soon as they turn it should be easy.

Black Duck are strong flyers with rapid wing beats. Male and female look alike. Here's a Black Duck with two Grey Teal. Compare their size. By now you should be able to spot the one that isn't a Blackie. Coming head-on, Blackies are not so easy to identify. You should wait to see what they are.Black Duck are easy to identify if you remember what to look for: pale head, dark upperwing with green feathers. The green feathers only show up in good light. Again, notice the pale head and dark body and white under the wing. The white underwing is probably the most obvious feature.