Chestnut Teal

Distribution and habitat

Map showing the Australian distribution of the Chestnut teal.

Most common in brackish coastal lagoons, saltwater estuaries and the lower reaches of creeks around the coast, the Chestnut Teal is distributed in south-eastern and south-western Australia. Vagrants may occur elsewhere. Tasmania and southern Victoria are the species' stronghold.


The Chestnut Teal is available for recreational hunting in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.


The Chestnut Teal is darker and a slightly bigger bird than the Grey Teal. In flight, the wedge-shaped white patch on both the upperwing and underwing is obvious. The male Chestnut Teal has a white patch on the flank which can also be seen in flight. The male is a dark bird with a very dark head.

On the water, the Chestnut Teal is a small, dark duck which floats high. The male has a glossy green head and a white flank patch. The female and juvenile male are similar to Grey Teal, but are darker and lack the white throat.


The female Chestnut Teal has a loud penetrating "laughing" quack repeated rapidly nine times or more.


Here are some images of the Chestnut Teal.

Close up of Chestnut Teal wings and head showing markings.Chestnut teal in profile.

Video footage

Video footage of the Chestnut Teal is attached below.