Grey Teal

Distribution and habitat

Map showing the Australian distribution of the Grey Teal.

A major game species, the Grey Teal is common and widely distributed throughout Australia. Grey Teal can be found across a range of habitat types, from mangrove estuaries of the coast to deep cold lakes of the highlands. It is found in its greatest numbers in the tree-lined billabongs, lagoons and floodwaters of the Murray-Darling River system. The species is highly nomadic and will move in response to local conditions.


The Grey Teal is available for recreational hunting in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and the Northern Territory.


The Grey Teal is a mottled brown bird which frequently mixes with other species. The Grey Teal is lighter in colour than the Chestnut Teal, particularly around the head and neck. The male and female have a similar appearance.

In flight, the Grey Teal has a wedge-shaped white patch on both the upperwing and underwing. It has a shorter and thicker neck than the Black Duck.

On the water, the Grey Teal is a small duck which floats high. Its general colour above is a dark grey-brown with a large, pale almost white face and throat. The Grey Teal has no eye stripe.


The female has a loud penetrating "laughing" quack repeated rapidly fifteen or more times.


Here are some images of the Grey Teal.

Grey Teal close up drawing of wings and head.Diagrams of Grey Teal in profile.

Video footage

Video footage of the Grey Teal is attached below.