Mountain Duck (Australian Shelduck)

Distribution and habitat

Map showing the Australian distribution of the Mountain duck.

Mountain Duck are distributed throughout south-eastern and south-western Australia and inhabit lowland wetlands, both freshwater and saline, which are near pastures or arable land. Being grazers, they feed in pastures, cultivated crops and shallow water.


The Mountain Duck is available for recreational hunting in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.


The Mountain Duck is the largest Australian duck. Its dark body contrasts with brilliant white wing patches.

In flight, the Mountain Duck has large, prominent white wing patches on the shoulders of the wing, a dark body, white underwings, chestnut-coloured breast and a white neck ring.

On the water or land, a large duck with a dark head, white neck ring, yellow-brown or chestnut-coloured breast.

The female and young birds have a white ring around the eye and a white face patch.


The Mountain Duck is a very vocal bird, especially in flight. The male has a low-pitched honk and the female has a high-pitched honk.


Here are some images of the Mountain Duck.

Close up of Mountain duck wings and head showing markings male and female.Diagrams of Mountain duck in profile male and female.

Video footage

Video footage of the Mountain Duck is attached below.