Pink-eared Duck

Distribution and habitat

Map showing the Australian distribution of the Pink-eared duck.

The Pink-eared Duck is widely distributed throughout inland south-eastern Australia and south-western Australia, however, vagrants occur elsewhere. The Pink-eared Duck prefers shallow, temporary waters, however, extensive open wetlands support large flocks at times.


The Pink-eared Duck is available for recreational hunting in Victoria, South Australia and the Northern Territory.


In flight, the head is held high with the heavy bill angled downward. The species has a light underbody, white trailing edges on upperwing and tail and a white crescent on the rump. The wings are rounded.

On the water, a small, light-coloured duck floating high with zebra stripes on body, a large bill and distinctive forehead.

The male and female have a similar appearance.


Chirrup uttered in flight.


Here are some images of the Pink-eared Duck.

Close up of Pink-eared duck wings and head showing markings.Diagrams of Pink-eared duck in profile.

Video footage

Video footage of the Pink-eared Duck is attached below.