Non-gamebird videos

A new education video for duck hunters called Duck WISE (Waterfowl Identification, Safety, Effective and Efficient Hunting) has been developed . The video will help all duck hunters to accurately identify game and non-game species and will reduce the risk of the wrong birds being taken in the field.

There are many species of waterbirds such as Coots, Swamphens, Grebes and Cormorants which you are likely to encounter while duck hunting.

In Victoria, all hunters are required to pass a Waterfowl Identification Test (WIT) before they are given a hunting permit. This ensures that all hunters can adequately identify the eight species of native duck they are allowed to shoot.

This list includes some of the waterbirds that hunters may encounter in Victoria. Most are protected and must not be taken in Victoria:

Note: Hunters may incur heavy penalties for shooting non-game species, including fines, seizure of firearms and/or equipment, loss of Game Licence and, in some instances, jail sentences.