Cormorants Video Transcript

Cormorants of various species can be found in swans and rivers throughout Australia. In the past they were persecuted for their fish-eating habits, but now all of them are protected.

These are great Cormorants, the largest of them all. It's about twice the size of a Black Duck. The long neck, slender hooked bill and lack of any white on the wings easily identifies them.

They spend a lot of time drying their feathers after they've been fishing. You'll often see big mobs of them like this chasing a school of fish with pelicans and other birds.

Their plumage is not fully waterproof, so they hold out their wings to dry in the sun. Note the absence of any wing pattern or colour.

Other Cormorant species have white fronts and necks, but none have any white on the wings. All Cormorants have long and narrow hooked bills and long tailfeathers.