Plumed Whistling Duck

Distribution and Habitat

Map showing the Australian distribution of the Grass Whistle duck.

The Plumed Whistling Duck is distributed throughout northern Australia with widely scattered groups in much of New South Wales and can be found as far south as south-western Victoria. The Plumed Whistling Duck is a bird of tropical grasslands but has benefited from pastoral practices which provide dams and pasture on which to graze.


The Plumed Whistling Duck is available for recreational hunting in the Northern Territory.


In flight, the Plumed Whistling Duck adopts a distinctive posture with a depressed neck, trailing legs, light belly and a less obvious white rump than the Water-whistle Duck. It has short, rounded wings with slow wing beats.

On the water or on land, the Plumed Whistling Duck is a medium-sized duck with a pale body and long, buff plumes on the flank. It has a distinctive erect posture.


Whistles incessantly in flight.


Here are some images of the Plumed Whistling Duck.

Close up of Grass Whistle duck wings and head showing markings.Diagrams of Grass Whistle duck in profile.