Magpie Goose

Distribution and Habitat

Map showing the Australian distribution of the Magpie Goose.

The Magpie Goose is distributed throughout tropical Australia, particularly coastal areas, and may occur as vagrants elsewhere. Once known to occur in Victoria, the species was considered extinct in the state by the early 1900s. Efforts to re-establish the species have been successful and small numbers can now be seen regularly at sites in south-western Victoria. Small numbers can also be found on some game reserves in South Australia.


The Magpie Goose is available for recreational hunting in the Northern Territory.


In flight, the Magpie Goose is a large black and white goose with mainly black upperparts and contrasting white underparts. The wings are rounded with a slow flapping beat.


A load resonant honk is uttered both in flight and on the ground.


Here are some images of the Magpie Goose.

Close up of Magpie Goose wings and head showing markings.Diagrams of a Magpie Goose in profile.