Water Whistle Duck (Wandering Whistling - duck)

Distribution and Habitat

Map showing the Australian distribution of the Water Whistle Duck.

The Water Whistle Duck is widely distributed throughout coastal tropical Australia, although, vagrants may occur elsewhere. The species prefers deep, permanent tropical lagoons.


The Water Whistle Duck is available for recreational hunting in the Northern Territory.


The male and female have a similar appearance. The species occurs in dense flocks, whether on land, water or in flight.

In flight, the Water Whistle Duck adopts a distinctive posture with a depressed neck and trailing legs, a dark belly, chestnut shoulders and a white rump. It has short rounded wings with a slow wing beat.

On the water or on the land, the Water-whistle Duck is a medium-sized duck with a dark body and short, white plumes on flank.


Whistles incessantly in flight.


Here are some images of the Water Whistle Duck.

Close up of Water Whistle duck wings and head showing markings.Diagrams of a Water Whistle duck in profile.