Shotgunning Education

Victorian Shotgunning Education Program

The Shotgunning Education Program (SEP) aims to improve game bird hunting practices in Victoria by educating hunters on how to be more efficient and effective in the field.

This program has been developed by the Victorian Government with support from the two major duck hunting organisations, the Sporting Shooters' Association of Australia (SSAA-Victoria) and Field and Game Australia Inc (FGA).

The Shotgunning Education Program's practical and theoretical training builds the capabilities of hunters to understand their equipment, their shooting skill level and hunting methods.

Both FGA and SSAA (Vic) will be running SEP practical workshops throughout the year, so if you want more details please contact them directly. If you would like to book into any current workshops, please find links below.

The two primary education documents are the comprehensive Be a better game bird hunter - Shotgunning Education Program Handbook and An introduction to better game bird hunting - Important information for new hunters. Both documents can be viewed below.


Shotgunning Education Handbook - Be a better game bird hunter (PDF - 9.0 MB)


 An introduction to better gamebird hunting (PDF - 5.8 MB)

Current SEP practical workshops:

SEP workshops are hands-on programs aimed at developing key shooting and hunting skills.  The workshop is purposefully designed to increase the proficiency of hunters and subsequently reduce wounding losses in game bird hunting. 

Most hunters would never enter the field without sighting-in a rifle at a range, yet it is surprising that hunters don't take a similar approach to pattern testing their shotgun to determine the best choke and load combinations for their shotgun.

Poor shooting skill, the use of inappropriate load and choke combinations for non-toxic shot and poor distance estimation are the three contributing factors that increase the wounding rate of hunted birds.  The workshop addresses these aspects of wounding by providing information and instruction to trainees on: 

  • the use of appropriate choke and load for different hunting scenarios, 
  • best practice for pattern testing choke and load combinations to determine lethal shooting distance and pattern density, 
  • testing equipment limitations and personal shooting skills limitations; and 
  • providing scenarios for distance estimation.

Practical Shotgunning Education Program workshops dates have been set. Whether a long time waterfowl hunter or a beginner, these courses are tailored to your knowledge and skill level. Practical workshops are designed to assist hunters in the use of non-toxic shot and to aid you in becoming a more effective and efficient game bird hunter.

For booking, contact Field and Game Australia ( or Sporting Shooters' Association of Australia (Victoria) (

SEP video introduction