Hog Deer ballot for 2017 season


Each year, the Blond Bay Hog Deer Advisory Group conducts a ballot to select hunters to hunt for free-ranging Hog Deer on Blond Bay State Game Reserve or on sections of the Boole Poole Peninsula.  

This year Snake Island, off Port Welshpool, will also be available to hunters drawn from the ballot. Note that everyone who has already entered the ballot draw prior to the Government's announcement about Snake Island, are automatically included in the Snake Island draw.

Applications for the ballot to hunt Hog Deer in 2017 closes last mail 30th November 2016.

About the Ballot

  • Entry fee to the ballot is $15.00 AUD 
  • All deer are free ranging 
  • The hunt is conducted on three reserves managed by Parks Victoria near Bairnsdale and Port Welshpool Victoria, Australia. Blond Bay State Game Reserve and Boole Poole are near Bairnsdale, while Snake Island is off Port Welshpool.
  • Surveys will be carried out in the balloted areas to set the 2017 harvest. 
  • The number of people hunting during each balloted period between February 2017 and June 2017 will be limited.
  • Some of the locations, like Boole Poole and Snake Island, are remote and will require a degree of self sufficiency during the balloted hunt period (usually 5 days). Organising access via boat can also be organised with other hunters in your hunting period.


  • Only one application is allowed per hunter.
  • The Blond Bay Hog Deer Advisory Group reserves the right to specify the sex and number of deer to be harvested by successful hunters in the Ballot.
  • Camping is only permitted at a specified site within the hunting area.
  • Balloted hunters must hunt their allocated period; another period will not be made available on request.
  • Hunts are non-transferable.
  • You do not need to be a Victorian or have a Victorian Game Licence to enter the ballot. However, if you are successfully drawn, you will need to obtain a Victorian Game Licence before you hunt.
  • If a junior is successfully drawn, they will need to be accompanied by an appropriately licensed adult/guardian.  The adult/guardian is there to supervise the junior, but can not participate in the hunt.
  • Please note that contact details of successful hunters will be passed on to the East Gippsland Branch of ADA to enable an invitation to be sent out for a hunter education weekend prior to the balloted hunt. Your contact details will also be given to other hunters in your hunting period for safety and liaison purposes.

Ballot draw

The ballot will be drawn on 10 December 2016 at the Christmas meeting of the Upper Goulburn Branch of the Australian Deer Association in Alexandra, Victoria. 

You do not have to be present for the draw as all winners will be formally notified via mail. 

This page will be updated to list the winners names after the draw.

Ballot entry

1. Immediate online application with a credit card payment
You can enter the ballot now online using a simple, online event registration and payment service. Don't forget to include your address in the application to ensure you are formally notified if you are drawn from the ballot.

2. Application via mail with cheque or money order payment
If you want to pay by cheque or money order, write your full name, postal address, home, work and mobile number on a piece of paper and mail it with your $15 payment to: 


P O Box 195


Registration and payments must be received by 30 November 2016.


For more information on Hog Deer Hunting in Victoria please take a look at the Fact Sheets on this page.