Balloted hunting

Each year, the Blond Bay Hog Deer Advisory Group conducts a ballot to select hunters to hunt for free-ranging Hog Deer on Blond Bay State Game Reserve, the Boole Poole Peninsula and now Snake Island.  These areas are prime Hog Deer habitats with good populations of Hog Deer. You can only hunt Hog Deer in these locations if you are selected from the ballot.

Entry in the ballot commences around August each year and closes at the end of November. The GMA website hosts online ballot application during this period. The balloted hunters are drawn in December and advised of their success via mail. Before these hunters formally accept their ballot offer they are made aware of the challenges associated with a five-day, self-sustained wilderness hunt for Hog Deer. Two of the locations (Snake Island and Boole Poole Peninsula) are so remote that they can only be reached by boat.

Hog Deer hunting on Snake Island is restricted to certain areas, low numbers of hunters and specified ballot periods between February and May. An information sheet for Snake Island balloted hunters and non-hunters has been developed to provide information about safe, responsible and legal hunting on Snake Island.

Fact Sheets

For Hunters - Hog Deer hunting on Snake Island

For non-hunters - Hog Deer hunting on Snake Island

Other balloted hunting area maps

Boole Poole Peninsula (physical map) (aerial map)

Blond Bay State Game Reserve (physical map) (aerial map)