Hog Deer Hunting

Hog Deer (Axis porcinus) are a popular and highly valued game species in Victoria, with licensed hunters permitted to harvest one male (stag) and one female (hind) during an annual hunting season. The annual season Female Hog Deeroccurs during the month of April, which is timed to minimise impact on breeding productivity. Victoria is one of the few places where wild populations of Hog Deer can be hunted free-range on public land.

If you are planning to hunt Hog Deer during the season you must now order your Hog Deer tags online and they will be mailed out to you.

If you have been successfully drawn out of the annual Hog Deer ballot (online entries between August and November each year), specific information can be found on this page for hunting Snake Island, Blond Bay and Boole Poole.

All hunters drawn in the ballot must attend a safety briefing prior to the hunt.

For Blond Bay and Boole Poole ballot, the briefing takes place on the first day of the ballot period from 8.30 to 10.30 at: State Government Office, 574 Princes Highway, Bairnsdale VIC 3875

For Snake Island ballot, the briefing takes place on the Sunday before the start of the  ballot period from 10.00 to 12.00 at: Old Ferry Terminal, Lewis Street, Port Welshpool VIC 3965

Government agencies may conduct planned burns near areas you are thinking of hunting. If you want to see if planned burns will be occurring on, or near, public land you will be visiting, please take a look at this web page.

Please also read the information sheets below for more details on general Hog Deer hunting.

Order Hog Deer tags

Hog Deer tags can be ordered from this page.

Fact Sheets

Hog Deer Hunting Fact Sheet (General)

Checking Station Information Sheet

Balloted hunting on Snake Island - Hunter information

The hunting of Hog Deer on Snake Island is only permitted in a safe and controlled manner under the ballot system.

The ballot system gives selected hunters the opportunity to hunt free ranging Hog Deer during seven periods between February and May. Please check the 2019 Ballot Dates here.

All hunters participating in the balloted hunt need to ensure they are mindful of any other people present on Snake Island during the hunting periods and are aware of areas where hunting is prohibited, such as the hunter exclusion zones and the hunter camping exclusion zones outlined in the map below.

Hunters are also reminded to have a hunting plan, and that they must not leave anything they bring onto the Snake Island behind, including hunting and camping equipment.

Hunting on the island provides a challenging and remote hunting experience. Access to the island is only possible by boat, is tide dependant and is usually restricted to two hours either side of high tide. Please check the local tide times and ensure you are familiar with the Victorian Recreational Boating Safety Handbook before planning a trip.

Also, please note that vehicles are not permitted on the island and hunters should be physically fit in order to traverse the island and transport their equipment and any harvested deer. Hunters should also be aware that there are no facilities on the island, including access to freshwater, so all supplies must be carried in.  All supplies and litter must be removed from the island upon departure.

Please read the fact sheets below for key information about the balloted Hog Deer hunting on Snake Island.

Camping on Snake Island - Snake Island Camping Guide

For hunters - Balloted Hog Deer Hunting on Snake Island

For non-hunters - Hog Deer Hunting on Snake Island