SGR and other Specified Hunting Area Locations

The map below provides the location of most State Game Reserves (SGRs) and other Specified Hunting Areas listed in Schedule 8 of the Wildlife (Game) Regulations 2012.

While Victoria's land classification system may allow hunting on State Game Reserves and other Specified Hunting Areas, firearms laws will always take precedence over land classification. For example, if it is not safe to hunt on a land classification due to a nearby populous place, people, property or because it would result in using a firearm in a dangerous manner then you cannot hunt in that location.  You cannot trespass to reach hunting areas and it is illegal to shoot onto or across private, leased or licensed property without the owner's, leasee/licensee's  permission.

Please note that while this map indicates the location of certain wetlands that can be hunted, there are other categories of Crown Land on which hunting is permitted

Water levels and blue-green algae alerts

The map shows wetland locations but doesn't provide information on water levels,duck numbers or alerts.

For water level information and blue-green algae alerts, please visit the relevant Rural Water Corporation website for details. For example, Goulburn-Murray Water provides water levels for some storages that can be hunted and detailed information on current blue-green algae blooms.

Click on the top, right-hand box on the map below to make the map larger. SGRs are marked green and other Specified Hunting Areas in yellow. Wetland closures are marked in red. Hunting areas that are further regulated (e.g. have additional hunting controls) are marked in orange.