Duck Hunting State Game Reserve Maps

The Victorian Government is committed to securing wetland habitat and providing for sustainable gamebird hunting opportunities.  Since 2012, a number of State Game Reserves have had allotments added to them or been reserved in an on-going status.  In addition, a further eight new State Game Reserves have been created.  These new reserves are located near Kerang in the north west.

Details regarding these changes are found in the table below.  The location of State Game Reserves and other Specified Hunting Areas can be found here.

Temporary SGR's now reserved on-going

(15 March 2012)

Existing SGR's with additional allotments

(11 March 2013)

New SGR's

(11 March 2013)

Fresh-water Swamp, Woodside Beach

Cullens Lake


Heard Lake

Hird Swamp

Duck Lake

Lake Muirhead

Johnson Swamp

Harts Swamp

Lignum swamp


Heywood Lake

Pot Brook

Little Lake Charm

Lake Mannaor

Two Mile Swamp

Lake Meran


Lake Murphy



Tooloy-Lake Mundi

Woolshed Swamp

The following information has been provided for the benefit of hunters wishing to hunt game duck on State Game Reserves in Victoria. Information on 199 State Game Reserves has been developed and includes a basic map of each Reserve and details of how to get there, what facilities are available, what game species may be hunted and other information relevant to hunting and camping.

Please check with your local DELWP office to ensure the wetland you are interested in remains open to hunting, before entering the field, or check this map for closures.

View the below attachments for information on the Reserve that you are interested in.

All State Game Reserves are available to duck hunting during the open season.