Closed or further regulated hunting areas

Prior to, or during the duck season, hunting areas can be further regulated or closed through a legal notice.

Further regulation or closure can occur for a number of reasons, including to protect rare and threatened species or to avoid disturbance to colonially breeding waterbirds.  

Further regulation can involve further restrictions on hunting times, equipment and hunting methods. If a closure is required instead, this can involve a partial closure of a hunting area or full closure.

Further regulated or closed wetlands are monitored throughout the duck season. If the reason for further regulation or closure no longer exists, the legal notice can be revoked. 

Any further regulation or closure information will be detailed on this page.


  • Lake Cooper (east of Elmore) is closed to hunting due to a significant number of Freckled Duck.
  • Koorangie State Game Reserve (First, Second  and third marsh and Lake Bael Bael),  near Kerang is closed due to a significant number of Freckled Duck and Blue-billed Duck.
  • Lake Natimuk and Natimuk Creek Lake Reserve (north-west of the township of Natimuk). Is closed to hunting due to a large number of Freckled Duck.
  • Tower Hill State Game Reserve partial closure - West Lake only (13km north-west of Warrnambool). Is partially closed to hunting due to a significant number of Blue-billed Duck. The western half of the lake will be closed to hunting but the eastern half will remain open to hunting.

Further regulated wetland

  • Lake Linlithgow (15 km east of Hamilton). Duck hunting with a motor boat is prohibited due to a significant number of Blue-billed Duck.

You cannot hunt take or destroy ducks from a motor boat on this wetland. This includes pursuing, flushing or retrieving birds.  Duck hunting and the use of a non-motorised vessel for duck hunting is permitted.

For full details on further regulation of Lake Linlithgow please read this notice.

Wildlife Sanctuary status reinforced (no hunting in Wildlife Sanctuaries)

  • Kow Swamp (near Gunbower)
  • Reedy Lakes (near Kerang)

The location of further regulated or closed wetlands will be shown in red on this map.

Other important information

Avian botulism

Suspected avian botulism at Lake Buloke

Low water levels

Reedy Lake at Lake Connewarre is likely to be dry for the 2017 duck season. Please read Corrangamite Catchment Management Authority media release or visit their website for more details.