What to hunt

Victorians typically hunt the following pest animals:

Respect for your quarry should extend to all animals that you hunt.  You must use the right equipment to effectively and humanely hunt pest animals.

Gundogs may be used to point or flush foxes, hare, or rabbits or to retrieve hare or rabbits. A gundog should retrieve without causing physical injury so that the animal retrieved can be killed humanely by the hunter.

You can use dogs to point and flush pigs.  It is a serious offence to use any dog that attacks, holds or maims an animal you are hunting. For more information on hunting pigs please read this page.

Fox hunters who use hounds and horses must be members of an approved hunting organisation who use horses and hounds for hunting foxes. The only hounds permitted to be used for this purpose are 'foxhounds' identified by a legible ear tattoo and registered with the approved organisation.

Rabbit hunters may use ferrets to drive rabbits from burrows.  Ferrets that savage rabbits must not be used in hunting

See the Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals in Hunting for full details.