Firearms Regulations 2008

Victorian Firearms Regulations 2008 can be viewed here.

The objectives of these Regulations are to prescribe

(a) requirements for activities for the suppression of pest animals using category C longarms; and

(b) the particulars to be entered on the register of transactions kept by licensed firearms dealers; and

(c) the particulars to be entered on the register kept by licensed firearms collectors; and

(d) fees for the issue and renewal of licences and permits and for the issue of duplicate licences under the Act; and

(e) fees for applications to the Committee for the review of decisions made by the Chief Commissioner; and

(f) the maximum fee that may be charged by licensed firearms dealers acting as agents in firearms transactions; and

(g) offences in respect of which infringement notices may be issued; and

(h) devices that do not fall within the definition of firearms; and

(i) bodies that may nominate persons to represent shooting organisations on the Committee; and

(j) the manner in which searches without warrant under the Act are to be conducted and the particulars to be included in records of those searches; and

(k) matters necessary or expedient to be prescribed for giving effect to the Act.

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