Hunting laws

Hunting laws are in place to ensure that hunting is conducted safely, sustainably, equitably, and humanely.

Our hunting laws give the community confidence that hunting can continue into the future, thereby maintaining an important cultural tradition; providing opportunities for an active, healthy lifestyle; and supporting an industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of jobs.

In Victoria, all native wildlife is protected. Some wildlife has been further classified as game for the purpose of recreational hunting.

Hunting laws are designed to allow for sustainable use and access to game species in Victoria. The laws can change to reflect seasonal conditions. They may reduce the length of the season and bag limits.

There are laws that ensure hunters are able to identify game species and are appropriately licensed. There are also laws that specify the methods used in hunting game and the areas where hunting is permitted.

Game Hunting Laws

* Wildlife Act 1975

* Wildlife (Game) Regulations 2012

Firearm Laws

*Firearms Act 1996

*Firearms Regulations 2008

Crossbow Laws

*Control of Weapons Act 1990

*Control of Weapons Regulations 2011

Game Hunting in National Parks

*National Parks Act 1975

*National Park (Parks) Regulations 2013

Game Hunting in State Game Reserves

*Wildlife (State Game Reserves)

Regulations 2014

Game Hunting on Crown Land

*Conservation, Forest and Lands Act 1987

*Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978

*Land Act 1958

*Forest (Recreation) Regulations 2010

Animal Welfare

*Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986

*Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals in Hunting

*Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals on Private Game Reserves Licensed to Hunt Game Birds

Other Laws

*Game Management Authority Act 2014

*Wildlife Regulations 2013