Hog Deer Hunting

In Victoria, Hog Deer hunting is permitted under strict regulations to ensure the species is hunted sustainably.

Hog Deer are a highly valued game species, and bag limits are set to allow hunters to take one male and one female Hog Deer per season.

The Hog Deer season is open only in the month of April each year (i.e. 1–30 April).

Before hunting Hog Deer, hunters must obtain Hog Deer tags from the Game Management Authority. Each hunter is issued two tags: one male and one female. These tags are issued to a hunter and cannot be lent or sold, and can only be used in the season they were obtained.

When a Hog Deer is taken, the Hog Deer tag must be immediately attached to the hind leg.

You cannot possess a Hog Deer without the tag being attached. Tags cannot be removed until details have been recorded at a checking station. Checking stations have been established to monitor the take of Hog Deer and provide information on the health of the Hog Deer population.

All harvested Hog Deer must be presented to a checking station within 24 hours of being taken.

At a checking station, hunters will be asked to produce their Game Licence, and details are recorded.

The harvested deer will have shoulder height, girth, length, and weight recorded. Stags will have the antlers measured and photographed. The reproductive condition of hinds will be recorded. Samples may also be taken; this includes the removal of the jaw bone for ageing purposes.

Completed Hog Deer tag return forms must be sent to the Game Management Authority within 28 days of the last day of the open season.

There are balloted Hog Deer hunting opportunities which occur outside the April season (usually February, March, and May) and in areas where hunting is usually prohibited. Currently these areas are Blond Bay State Game Reserve, Boole Poole Peninsula within Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park, and Snake Island within Nooramunga Marine Coastal Park.

The ballot is administered by the Blond Bay Hog Deer Advisory Group.