Duck Open Season and Bag Limits

Duck season begins on the third Saturday of March and ends 30 minutes after sunset on the second Monday of June each year.

The bag limit is ten (10) game ducks per day, including no more than two (2) Blue-winged Shoveler. However, season length or bag limits may change from time to time.

Any day after opening day, duck hunting is permitted from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset.

Sunrise and sunset times vary throughout the state; therefore, during the season, legal hunting times also vary. The following information will help you calculate the legal hunting times in your area.

  • Sunrise and sunset times alter by four minutes for each degree of longitude across the state. Victoria extends from 141° in the west to 150° in the east. Melbourne is near the 145° line.
  • Use the official Melbourne sunrise and sunset times as your starting point to calculate the sunrise and sunset times of your location. If your hunting location is east of 145° (Melbourne), subtract four minutes from the official sunrise and sunset times for each degree of longitude. Anywhere west of the Melbourne line, add four minutes to the official sunrise and sunset times for each degree of longitude.
  • Early hunting on the opening morning is hunting out of season. Heavy penalties apply, which may include losing your Game and Firearm Licences and/or your firearm or other hunting equipment.
  • Penalties also apply for early and late hunting during every other day of the duck season.

The Game Hunting Victoria phone app can calculate hunting times for wherever you are in the state. The app is available free from iTunes and Google Play.