Introduced Game Birds

Introduced game birds are generally only hunted on licensed game bird farms on private property.

Introduced game birds cannot be bred or brought and released for hunting on public land. These birds can be released on private land, but only if the owners have a Game Bird Farmer Licence. Anyone caught releasing game birds without a licence can face significant penalties and prosecution.

Introduced Game Birds Season and Bag Limits

Introduced Californian, European, and Japanese Quail, as well as pheasants and partridges, may be hunted throughout the year.

There are no bag limits for introduced game birds.

Equipment Requirements for Introduced Game Birds Hunting

Hunters may only use shotguns that do not exceed 12 gauge.

Lead shot may be used.

Other Introduced Game Birds Hunting Regulations

There is no restriction on the number of gundogs that can be used when hunting introduced game birds.

When hunting introduced game birds, it is an offence to propel birds and simulate flight either by mechanical means or by hand. This is considered to be ‘trap’ shooting and is illegal. Substantial fines or imprisonment may apply.

Ring Neck Pheasant (Male)