Quail Hunting Laws

The Stubble Quail is the only native quail species that can be legally hunted in Victoria. They have dark brown colouration with pale buff markings.

The centre of each feather has a cream stripe, giving the feathers a streaked appearance. The adult Stubble Quail is 18 to 18.5cm in length, with the female (pictured) slightly larger than the male.

Season Bag Limits

Stubble Quail hunting season begins on the first Saturday in April and ends 30 June, inclusive.

The bag limit is a maximum of 20 birds per day.

Equipment Requirements for Stubble Quail Hunting

Hunters are permitted to use shotguns no greater than 12 gauge to hunt Stubble Quail.

Lead shot can be used to hunt Stubble Quail.

Other Stubble Quail Hunting Regulations

It is important that hunters can readily distinguish between Stubble Quail and protected species while hunting.

There is no restriction on the number of gundogs that can be used when hunting Stubble Quail.