Anyone hunting game in Victoria, including juniors (12–17 years), must hold a current Game Licence. The Game Licence must be endorsed for the type(s) of game that you wish to hunt and only permits you to hunt that game in Victoria.

'Game' includes those species of duck, deer, quail, pheasant and partridge declared to be game in Victoria.

Hunters should carry their licence on them at all times while hunting. 

Unless specified, licences can be purchased for a period of one or three years.

A range of licence types are available, depending on the requirements of the individual hunter (see fact sheet on the side).

Game Licences enable the Game Management Authority to enforce the hunting laws, track trends in hunting demands and identify the needs of hunters. Licensing also provides an avenue to communicate important information to licensed hunters.

Traditional owners acting in accordance with a Natural Resource Agreement or other authorisation are exempt from the requirement to hold a Game Licence.

However, traditional owners who wish to hunt duck or Sambar Deer with the use of hounds must obtain a pass in the relevant test before hunting that species.

Which game licence do I need?