Authorisation of pups

As hounds under 12 months of age cannot be effectively assessed against the ANKC Breed Standards and legal requirements specified in the Wildlife (Game) Regulations 2012, they cannot be recommended to the GMA for life time registration.  Hounds under 12 months of age may still be used to hunt Sambar Deer, however there is no requirement for them to be assessed against the ANKC Breed Standards and height requirements. In order to use hounds under 12 months of age to hunt Sambar Deer, hunters will need to obtain a written authorisation from the GMA.

The 'authorisation of hound pups application form' has been developed to enable owners of hounds under 12 months of age to seek written authorisation from the GMA to use such hounds for hunting Sambar Deer. Upon completion of this form, an automated authorisation can be printed or emailed to you.  Alternatively,  hard copies of the application forms will be available through the approved hunting organisations.

Hound owners must carry the authorisation on their person at all times while hunting.

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