Hunter Surveys

Survey of Licensed Victorian Game Hunters

The Game Management Authority (GMA) wants to deliver timely, appropriate and quality projects for the Victorian community and fulfil its functions conferred to it though the Game Management Authority Act 2014. To do this the GMA needs to have a good understanding of what areas of game management and game hunting are of interest to hunting stakeholders and the preferred communication mediums.

The GMA has engaged the Australian Survey Research Group (ASR) to carry out this project. ASR is an accredited market and social research agency that specialises in online survey research with all types of government agencies.

ASR has worked with the GMA to determine what information is required and how best to gather that information.

The survey is providing an opportunity for Victoria's 50,000 + licensed game hunters to have a say on how they want to be communicated with and what game hunting topics are of importance.

The responses from the survey will provide the GMA with the information it needs to continually grow as an effective communicator with regard to all aspects of game hunting in Victoria.

The key points of the survey are to establish:

  • what are the main areas/pieces of information that game hunters require?
  • what are the preferred mediums to receive information?
  • how easy are the current electronic mediums (web and app) to use?

The survey can be accessed at and will be open until June 25.

Your Game Licence number will be your password to enter the survey.

Your survey answers will remain confidential to ASR and no personal identification questions are asked. The GMA will be given summary answers only to help manage game hunting in Victoria.

The findings of the survey will be published on the GMA website.