Aerial baiting

Aerial baiting in Victoria is part of a coordinated effort to reduce the impact of wild dogs on livestock producers. Aerial baiting complements on-ground measures by public and private land managers such as baiting, trapping, shooting and exclusion fencing.

The operation is undertaken in a 3km buffer zone on public land in hard to reach areas of Gippsland and North East Victoria. Community consultation identified sites for aerial baiting that are inaccessible to conventional control methods, are known wild dog pathways and have proximity to private land where wild dog impacts have been reported.

Aerial baiting incorporates the aerial deployment of 4000 fresh meat baits along 400km of public land in the Angora/Cobungra, Bindi and Wonangatta/Punchen Budweid areas in East Gippsland and the Burrowa, Bullhead and Wabba areas of the North East.

Aerial baiting is undertaken along defined transects in six sites during spring and autumn as these are the most effective times to target wild dogs. 

Hunters who use dogs may have an interest in where these baits are dropped. 

The maps for aerial bait locations can be viewed and downloaded at this location.

Any questions about the maps should be made to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning on 136 186.