Private Game Bird Reserve

This application is for a Game Licence to hunt non-indigenous game birds on a Private Game Bird Reserve only.
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This licence is free of charge and is valid for seven days only

Note: The licence must be carried at all times whilst hunting
Firearm Safety The Game Management Authority (GMA) endorses the Firearms Safety Code, which was prepared by the Firearms Consultative Committee and promotes safe firearms handling practices. You should know the eight basic safety rules before you handle firearms and insist that anyone who goes shooting with you, follows these rules. If you wish to know more about firearm safety, or obtain a copy of the Firearms Safety Code, contact your local District Firearms Officer. Information Privacy The Game Licensing Service of the Game Management Authority (GMA) is committed to protecting your Personal Information according to the principles set out in the Victorian Information Privacy Act 2000. This Privacy Statement applies to the collection and use of personal information, voluntarily provided by you, in relation to administration of licences and permits administered under the Wildlife Act 1975. A licence or permit may not be issued if the information required on this application form is not provided. You may also apply for access to your personal information at anytime to confirm it is accurate and up to date, upon payment of a prescribed fee (if any). GMA will not discuss your licence or disclose your Personal information to any other person, except by prior arrangement. Please direct Game Licence enquiries to our Customer Service Centre on 136-186, (between 8am & 6pm), Monday to Friday.

Page last updated: 29 Jul 2020