Hound Registration

Register your hounds

All hounds used to hunt Sambar Deer in Victoria must be registered with, or authorised by, the Game Management Authority (GMA).

Hounds will be recommended to the GMA by a person or body with relevant expertise for registration following a physical assessment against the breed standards.

Please note: All hounds must be registered with your local council in accordance with the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

Hound assessments

Approved hound assessors undergo training and are certified by the GMA as a person with relevant expertise. To have hounds registered, hunters should contact one of the following organisations to obtain details of accredited hound assessors:

Australian Deer Association

ph (03) 5762 1911


Victorian Deer Association

ph (03) 5985 5333


Victorian Hound Hunters Incorporated

ph (03) 5664 1345


Details of all registered hounds and their owners are stored and maintained on a central GMA database in accordance with principles set out in the Information Privacy Act 2000.

Hunters can obtain a copy of their recorded personal information for verification or correction by contacting the Customer Service Centre on 136 186. This database is used to assist Game Officers in identifying hounds and their owners. There is no fee charged to hunters for registering hounds with the GMA.

Hounds over 12 months of age

All hounds over 12 months of age must be presented to and assessed by an approved hound assessor. Only pure Beagles, pure Harriers and pure Bloodhounds conforming to the relevant ANKC breed standard and height limit prescribed in the Wildlife (Game) Regulations 2012 can be recommended for registration.

Beagles must not exceed 40 cm at the withers, Harriers must not exceed 53.5 cm at the withers and Bloodhounds must not exceed 69 cm at the withers.

Hounds that have not been recommended for approval by a hound assessor will not be considered for registration.

In order to effectively assess a hound against the breed standard, the hound must be a minimum of 12 months old to ensure it exhibits adult characteristics. Mature hounds that have been assessed and conform to the relevant ANKC breed standard and the prescribed height limit will be registered for life after being accepted by the GMA.

Note: Life-time registration remains in place until the hound dies, is transferred to a new owner, surrendered, suspended, or cancelled.

Hounds under 12 months of age

As hounds under 12 months of age cannot be effectively assessed against the ANKC breed standards or the requirements specified in the Wildlife (Game) Regulations 2012, they cannot be recommended to the GMA for registration.

In order to use hounds under 12 months of age to hunt Sambar Deer, hunters must obtain a written authorisation from the GMA.

Hounds under 12 months of age must still be authorised to hunt, however, they will not be assessed against the ANKC breed standards and height requirements.

An application form and a pro forma authorisation is available to enable owners of hounds under 12 months of age to seek written authorisation under Regulation 38(2) of the Wildlife (Game) Regulations 2012 from the GMA to use such hounds for hunting Sambar Deer.

Application forms are also available from approved hunting organisations.

Hound owners using hounds under 12 months of age for Sambar Deer hunting must carry the authorisation with them at all times while hunting.

No unregistered hounds or hounds without authorisation from the GMA may be used to hunt Sambar Deer.

Cancellation of registration

The registration of a hound may be cancelled if:

  • that hound subsequently displays any characteristics outside the breed standards or height requirements;
  • the hound is found in circumstances that contravene the Wildlife (Game) Regulations 2012; or
  • the owner is found guilty of an offence under the Wildlife Act 1975.

If a hound has its registration cancelled, a notice of cancellation advising of the reasons for cancellation will be forwarded to the registered hound owner to allow him or her to make a submission to the GMA on why the hound's registration should not be cancelled.