About Us

The Game Management Authority (GMA) is an independent authority responsible for the regulation of game hunting in Victoria. We regulate through education, research and enforcement to achieve responsible and sustainable game hunting in Victoria. The GMA reports to the Minister for Outdoor Recreation.

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We have a range of responsibilities including:

  • issuing Game Licences
  • managing open and closed seasons for game species
  • enforcing game hunting laws and taking action against those who do not hunt legally
  • educating and informing hunters on how to hunt legally, sustainably and responsibly in Victoria.

We conduct research and monitoring to inform advice on managing natural resources across Victoria, addressing:

  • the sustainable harvest of game species
  • the humane treatment of animals that are hunted and used in game hunting
  • minimising any negative impacts on non-game wildlife, including protected and threatened species
  • the conservation of wildlife habitats.

We work with our partner agencies and the community to ensure that game hunting is sustainable, safe and humane. Our partner agencies include:

  • Parks Victoria (PV)
  • Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions (DJSIR)
  • Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA)
  • Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA)
  • Victoria Police.