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Anyone wishing to hunt game in Victoria, including juniors (12-17 years) and international visitors, must hold a current Game Licence. A range of licence types are available, depending on the requirements of the individual hunter. For a full listing, please refer to the 'Which Game Licence do I need?' Fact Sheet or Game Licence form. The Game Licence must be endorsed for the appropriate type(s) of game that you wish to hunt and only permits you to hunt game in Victoria. Persons less than 12 years old are not permitted to use a firearm or to hunt or take game.

Should you wish to apply for a Game Licence, please complete the Game Licence application form. Alternatively, contact the Customer Service Centre on 136 186 to have an application form sent to you by post or email.

Current interim payment method  

We are currently unable to process cheques or money orders through the bank, until further advised. However, our team will be able to process your licence transaction if you wish to make payment via electronic funds transfer (EFT). This can be used for new licence applications, licence amendments and replacement licence requests.

To enable matching of your licence transaction and your EFT payment, you will need to enter the full name provided in your application into the Paid by or the Description field (e.g. John B Smith).

If your full name does not fit in the space provided, please provide your first name initial and your full last name (e.g. J Smith).

To proceed with an EFT payment, please pay to:

Accounts Receivable, Department of Jobs Precincts and Regions

BSB:                    033-222

Account:            016041

Please confirm your payment to

Please note that if your name is not provided in the Paid by or Description field, we will be unable to process your application.

After completion of your EFT, please email your application, amendment or reissue request to, stating that the EFT payment has been completed.

Upon submission of your EFT payment and receipt of licence transaction paperwork, your licence transaction will be processed and a Game Licence will be sent to you in the mail. The turn-around time for Game Licence transactions is approximately three weeks, however, delays may occur during peak periods.

You can still renew your licence online.

If you have a different licence enquiry, please call the Customer Contact Centre on 136 186.

Game Licence application form
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Before you can hunt game birds including duck, you need to pass the Waterfowl Identification Test. This test ensures that only those hunters able to demonstrate adequate identification skills are permitted to hunt ducks in Victoria.

Find out more about the Waterfowl Identification Test.

Before you can hunt Sambar deer with hounds, you need to pass the Hound Hunting Test. This test is designed to ensure that hunters using hounds to hunt Sambar Deer are aware of their legal, ethical and safety requirements when hunting.

Find out more about the Hound Hunting Test.

'Juniors' aged between 12 and 17 can obtain a Game Licence free of charge. A "Game Licence application form" must be completed but there will be no cost.

'Juniors' who lodge an application in person at selected GMA, DELWP or DJPR office will be given an 'Interim Licence' to enable them to hunt immediately.

A new licence type, known as a 'Provisional Game Licence', has been introduced for juniors only.

A Provisional Game Licence allows juniors to go hunting for duck or Sambar Deer with hounds without the need to first pass the Waterfowl Identification Test or Sambar Deer hunting with Hounds Test. However, a junior hunting under a Provisional Game Licence must be under the direct supervision of an adult who holds a valid Game Licence specific to the species being hunted.

There is no fee to obtain a Provisional Game Licence and it is valid for one calendar year only, or the remainder of the calendar year in which the licence is issued.

A junior will only be issued a Provisional Game Licence to hunt duck or Sambar Deer with hounds only once for each entitlement.

The licence allows a junior hunter to experience game hunting before deciding whether to continue duck hunting or hunting Sambar Deer with hounds. At the conclusion of the one-year Provisional Game Licence period, a junior who wishes to continue hunting must get a full Game Licence and pass the relevant tests before being allowed to go game hunting – Game Licences for juniors are free.

A Provisional Game Licence holder will be subject to all sanctions that apply to full Game Licence holders.

It is important to remember that any person under the age of 18 who is licensed to use a firearm must do so under the supervision of a fully-licensed adult. Contact Victoria Police for more details about firearms licensing.

To apply for a Provisional Game Licence, please complete the attached Provisional game licence application form.

A new 'Non-resident of Australia Game Licence' has now been introduced to facilitate access to game hunting for international visitors and support the commercial hunting and guiding industry. The Non-resident of Australia Game Licence removes the need for international hunters to pass the Waterfowl Identification Test or Sambar Deer Hunting with Hounds Test before going hunting. However, a Non-resident Game Licence holder must hunt under the direct supervision of an adult who holds a valid Game Licence specific to the species being hunted.

The Non-resident Game Licence is only available to people who reside outside of Australia and is restricted to a maximum period of 14 days. A Non-resident of Australia Game Licence attracts the same fee as a full 12-month Game Licence.

To apply for a Non-resident Game Licence, please complete the attached Non-Resident game licence application form.

To support the commercial hunting industry, a new 'Game Bird Farm Hunting Licence' has been introduced.  The licence is free of charge and is valid for 7 days only.

The Game Bird Hunting Licence makes it easier for game bird farms to cater for corporate events and clients seeking a once-off game hunting experience in a controlled environment under expert instruction.

The holder of a Game Bird Farm Hunting Licence can only hunt non-indigenous game birds (i.e. introduced pheasant, partridge and quail species) on a game bird farm licenced under the Wildlife Act 1975Game Ducks & Stubble Quail must not be hunted under this licence.

Holders of a full Game Licence for game birds can also hunt non-indigenous game birds at game bird farms and do not require a Game Bird Farm Hunting Licence.

If you change your address, you must advise the Game Licensing Service within fourteen days after doing so.

To change your address please contact the customer service centre on 136-186.

Providing your new address also ensures that you will receive any other information that the Authority needs to send to you.

Should you wish to change your licence type, please complete the form Amendment of a Game Licence. Alternatively, contact the Customer Service Centre on 136 186 to have an amendment form sent to you by post or email.

You will then need to complete the form and send it to the Game Licensing Service, GPO Box 4509, Melbourne 3001, together with a cheque or money order for the fee shown in the Amendment form. Upon receipt of payment, an updated licence will be sent to you.

If you lose your Game Licence, you will need to send a signed Statutory Declaration stating that you have lost your licence, together with a cheque or money order for the requisite replacement fee, to GMA, Accounts Receivable, GPO Box 4509, Melbourne 3001. To find out the current replacement fee contact the GMA Customer Service Centre on 136 186. Upon receipt of payment, a new licence will be sent to you.

If you pay for your Game Licence in person at a GMA, DELWP or DJPR office, you will be issued with a receipt. This receipt is deemed to be an 'interim licence' and you can hunt with this until you receive your licence in the mail. If you sent a cheque or money order by mail and you have confirmed that this has been cashed, you may hunt using your cheque stub or money order stub as proof of payment. This applies to payment receipts for all new, renewed or amended licences.

Firearms licence

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