Purpose and vision

Our purpose

The Game Management Authority (GMA) regulates through education, research and enforcement to achieve sustainable and responsible game hunting in Victoria.

Our vision

Game hunting in Victoria meets community expectations as a sustainable and well-regulated activity based on science and conducted in a responsible manner.

Our role

The GMA is an independent statutory authority responsible for the regulation of game hunting in Victoria.  It undertakes activities to promote sustainability and responsibility in game hunting in Victoria.

Under the Game Management Authority Act 2014, the GMA is responsible for:

  • issuing Game Licences,   authorities and permits
  • managing open and closed seasons   for game species
  • enforcing game hunting laws and   taking action against those who do not hunt legally
  • educating and informing hunters   on how to hunt legally in Victoria.

The GMA also has an advisory role in the management of natural resources across Victoria including:

  • the sustainable harvest of game   species
  • the humane treatment of animals   that are hunted and used in game hunting
  • minimising any negative impacts   on non-game wildlife, including protected and threatened species
  • the conservation of wildlife   habitats
  • the environmental, social and   economic impacts of game hunting and management.

Page last updated: 29 Jul 2022