What is illegal hunting?

People intending to hunt need to make sure that they are familiar with Victoria's hunting laws and regulations, and are hunting responsibly.

Those found to be breaking the law or behaving irresponsibly can be fined or prosecuted, have their equipment seized and / or lose their Game and Firearms Licences.

To ensure you are hunting legally:

  • carry a current Game Licence endorsed for the species you are hunting
  • only hunt in areas where hunting is permitted
  • only hunt during the open seasons and comply with bag limits
  • use the appropriate firearm and minimum calibre and gauge.

Victorian game hunters should be familiar with the 'Game Hunting in Victoria - a manual for responsible and sustainable hunting'.

This manual covers laws, firearms safety, hunting methods and equipment, ethics, survival skills and provides improved education and training for game hunters.

Examples of illegal behaviour

All species

  • Hunting without a Game Licence
  • Hunting game animals at night (30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise)
  • Using incorrect firearms, calibres and ammunition
  • Hunting in prohibited areas, including hunting on private property without permission.




  • Trespassing and hunting on private property (without permission)
  • Hunting from a motor vehicle
  • Failing to immediately retrieve a downed bird.
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Page last updated: 03 Jan 2024