Stakeholder and community research

The GMA conducts the following  stakeholder and community research

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The GMA commissioned ORIMA Research to conduct stakeholder sentiment research to measure levels of awareness and understanding of the GMA and its role amongst key stakeholder groups, as well as to gain insights into perceptions and attitudes towards the GMA and its performance.

The GMA surveyed partner agencies, peak bodies and a small group of licensed game hunters. Participants were invited by email to complete an online survey, and in-depth interviews were conducted with some participants.

The primary objectives of the research were to understand stakeholder perceptions of the GMA’s role and its performance against key performance indicators, identify issues related to the productivity and effectiveness of GMA’s relationships with its stakeholders and establish a baseline measure of stakeholder satisfaction to allow tracking over time.

For more information, read the Stakeholder sentiment research 2021 report

In 2018, the Game Management Authority commissioned Australian Survey Research Group (ASR) to develop, conduct and analyse a survey of Victorian Game Hunting Licence holders which focused on how hunters want to be communicated with and what game hunting topics are of importance to them.

Almost 4000 Victorian Game Licence holders responded to the survey. The invitation list was based on people aged over 16 years, and who had a valid Victorian Game Licence.

The following report presents the results of a survey conducted in June 2018.

Connecting with Victorian Hunters - Report of findings

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