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The GMA commissioned research into the level of hunters’ knowledge to find out how much Game Licence holders know about game hunting in Victoria, including hunting laws, firearms safety and good hunting practice.

The GMA engaged Australian Survey Research (ASR) to conduct the research in late-2019 and early-2020.

Australian Survey Research reported on the findings and the GMA has compiled the results into a summary report.

Read Summary report of hunters’ knowledge survey findings – December 2020

Licensing helps the GMA meet its statutory obligations and functions along with the community's expectations that game hunting is managed in a safe, sustainable, responsible and equitable manner. It directly assists with compliance, hunter education, monitoring, surveys and research.

The reports below provides a summary of game licensing statistics for the indicated year.

Game Licence Statistics Summary Report - 2018

Game Licence Statistics Summary Report - 2017

Game Licence Statistics Summary Report - 2016

The Australian Department of Health has released the 2019 Economic and social impacts of recreational hunting and shooting report.

Estimating the economic impact of hunting in Victoria

DELWP commissioned the Estimating the economic impact of hunting in Victoria in 2013 to obtain an accurate measure of the economic impact of hunting.

The study measured expenditure on game and pest hunting by Victorian game licence holders using a survey, and was conducted by RM Consulting Group with EconSearch and DBM Consultants.

Download a PDF version of the report: Estimating the economic impact of hunting in Victoria in 2013. [PDF File - 2.7 MB]

The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Region’s Economic contribution of recreational hunting in Victoria report presents the results of research into the economic, health and wellbeing benefits of recreational hunting by Victorian Game Licence holders in 2019.

In 2018, the Game Management Authority commissioned Australian Survey Research Group (ASR) to develop, conduct and analyse a survey of Victorian Game Hunting Licence holders which focused on how hunters want to be communicated with and what game hunting topics are of importance to them.

Almost 4000 Victorian Game Licence holders responded to the survey. The invitation list was based on people aged over 16 years, and who had a valid Victorian Game Licence.

The following report presents the results of a survey conducted in June 2018.

Connecting with Victorian Hunters - Report of findings

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