The GMA uses a range of sanctions to deter illegal hunting, such as official warnings, infringement notices, prosecutions and licence suspensions and cancellations.

Any sanctions imposed as a consequence of court proceedings are at the discretion of the courts, not the GMA.

Other agencies are also authorised to undertake enforcement actions relating to illegal hunting or hunting-related activities.

The table below details the key enforcement outputs by the GMA.

ActivityNumber in 2016-17Number in 2017-18Number in 2018-19Number in 2019-20Number in 2020-21
Number of information reports generated116107222454801
Official (written) warnings issued21550243
Warnings (non-infringeable offences)001210
Infringement notices issued as part of the GMA conducted enforcement operations362797118
Banning notices issued110603
Court proceedings concluded6112092

Page last updated: 04 Oct 2021