Enforcement Outcomes

The GMA uses a range of sanctions to deter illegal behaviour within our remit of legislation, such as official warnings, infringement notices, prosecutions and licence suspensions and cancellations.

Any sanctions imposed as a result of court proceedings are at the discretion of the courts, not the GMA.

Other agencies are also authorised to undertake enforcement actions relating to illegal hunting or hunting-related activities.

2023  Duck seaon  compliance summary

2023 Duck Hunting Season

Season Totals

Number of game licences checked

Number of hunter bags checked981
Number of hunters who had over bagged2
Number of protestors observed/ engaged with415
Number of Banning Notices issued5
Number of PIN’s to be issued19
Number of briefs or investigations to be conducted17
Total number of wetlands attended

216 – number of wetlands have received multiple attendances

(469 in total)

Offences detectedNumber of hunters / protestors *
Banning Notice (S58C of Wildlife Act)5*
Breach of S86 Notice9
Enter/ Remain in specified hunting area3*
Exceed bag limit2
Expired game licence1
Fail to immediately kill game which is alive when recovered2 (1*)
Fail to leave wing attached7
Fail to retrieve1
Hinder/ harass3*
No game licence3 (1*)
Possess game when unlicensed1*
Unattended campfire3
Use/possess toxic shot4
Total Offences45

This data is accurate at the time of publication and may be subject to change pending the outcomes of investigations, appeals and court procedings.

2022 -23 Compliance statistics mid-year update

From 1 July 2022 to 31 December 2022, the GMA received 99 illegal hunting reports from members of the community. Of these reports, 55 per cent related to illegal spotlighting and a further 15 per cent related to deer.

We conducted 12 enforcement operations with partner agencies across Victoria, of which eight were led by the GMA.

Operations were conducted in regional areas including, but not limited to: Jamieson, Don Valley, Tallangatta, Moe, Whitfield, Orbost, Allambee, Barmah, Whitfield, Lerderderg State Forest, Cheshunt, Dargo, Loch Sport, Mount Cole, Mansfield and Tolmie.

Our Game Officers conducted 104 proactive patrols based on intelligence and travelled a total of 126,336 kilometres across Victoria in the first six months of 2022-23. While on patrol, our Game Officers spoke with hunters, landowners, community groups and public land users.

Our Game Managers are also Authorised Officers and traveling around the state to conduct education and compliance activities.

Mid-year update


1 July – 31 December 2022
GMA led operations8

Multi-agency operations

Inclusive of partner agency-led operations with GMA support

Information reports generated361
Investigations opened32
Investigations concluded38

Annual enforcement overview

Number of information reports generated1072224548011081
Official (written) warnings issued155024330
Warnings (non-infringeable offences)012104
Infringement notices issued as part of the GMA conducted enforcement operations62797118117
Banning notices issued06034
Court proceedings concluded11209214

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