RESPECT - Hunt Responsibly

When you are enjoying Victoria's great hunting opportunities, be mindful that the future of hunting depends on how you conduct yourself as a hunter. Every hunter should be an ambassador for the recreation.

As a responsible hunter you should always:

Respect animals

  • Only take what you can use
  • Make optimal use of harvested quarry (have a minimum/no waste approach)
  • Shoot only when you can retrieve your quarry
  • Shoot only when a humane result is possible
  • Use the right equipment to effectively and humanely hunt animals
  • Look after your hunting dogs

Respect the hunt

  • Hunt safely and abide by the Firearms Safety Code
  • Lead by example
  • Respect our cultural heritage
  • Always hunt within the law and report illegal behaviour
  • Uphold the highest ethical standards
  • Promote and praise good behaviour
  • Know your skill limits and hunt within them
  • Improve and maintain your skills through practice and/or joining a club

Respect the environment

  • Take all your litter (including empty cartridges) with you
  • Bury or remove animal remains
  • Drive only on designated tracks
  • Keep campfires safe
  • Leave your campsite clean
  • Protect our wetlands and waterways (e.g. don’t leave animal remains in or near waterways)
  • Take part in efforts to protect and restore wildlife habitats

Respect non-hunters

  • Help others and be courteous
  • Thoughtfully carry hunting equipment and harvested quarry (e.g. cover quarry during transit)
  • Respect the opinions of non-hunters
  • Only enter private property with permission
  • Share the harvest with a non-hunter and promote the culinary/sustainability benefits of hunting

Respect other hunters

  • Be respectful and courteous if hunting or camping in the same area as other people
  • Be safe and abide by the law so everyone is on a level playing field
  • Share your knowledge and skills with others

Respect the laws

  • Take time to know the laws and act within them at all times
  • Work with Authorised Officers; they are there to help you and ensure safe, sustainable, humane and equitable hunting
  • Don’t tolerate illegal behaviour - report suspected offenders on 136 186.

Hunting's future depends on you. Show respect and hunt responsibly.

The links below provide information sheets on the minimum standards.

Responsible hunting minimum standards

Responsible hunting flyer

Page last updated: 24 Aug 2022