Report illegal hunting or illegal protester activity

To report illegal hunting or illegal protester activity, call 136 186 or complete the online form below.

If you have immediate concerns for your safety or the safety of others, call 000.

If you suspect someone is acting illegally, do not approach them. Record any details and complete the form below or call to speak with an operator.

All reports will be acknowledged within 48 hours.

The GMA Report Illegal Hunting service is monitored 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday.

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The GMA receives, reviews and takes action on reports of illegal hunting in accordance with the process oulined below.

A report is submitted to the GMA via the Report illegal hunting or illegal protester online form, by calling 136 186 or directly to a GMA Officer.

The GMA emails confirmation of receiving the report within five business days to the contact details provided (unless complainant chooses to remain anonymous).

The report is referred to an Intake Assessment Panel for review.

The Intake Assessment Panel assesses the report to determine if enough information has been provided and if further action or an investigation is required, or if the matter needs to be referred to another agency.

The GMA may consult with Prosecution Services, independent agencies and subject matter experts to assess allegations. The GMA may also contact the complainant for further information if required.

Where contact details have been provided, complainants are advised of any outcomes from the Intake and Assessment Panel.

If warranted, the GMA will conduct an investigation.

If an investigation results in sufficient evidence, the appropriate Enforcement actions will be taken.

Enforcement actions are summarised on the Enforcement statistics webpage.

Report and protect a possible Aboriginal place or object

Report illegal hunting

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(Please include a description of what they were wearing, approx. age, build, complexion, hair length & colour e.g. Large build, short brown hair, about 30-35 years old, wearing camo top and blaze orange backpack)
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