A guide to the use of hounds when hunting sambar deer

Recreational deer hunting in Victoria continues to grow and one of the more traditional methods of hunting Sambar Deer is with the aid of scent-trailing hounds (also known as hound hunting).

Hounds have been used to hunt Sambar Deer for over 100 years in Victoria. Hunting Sambar Deer with hounds can be an effective way to hunt Sambar Deer in environments that are difficult for stalking. Hunting with hounds is a very active and social recreation. However, given its highly visible nature and the fact that unrestrained hounds are used, there are a number of laws to ensure that hound hunting is conducted in a safe and humane manner and one that minimises impacts on other public land users.

There are laws that restrict where and when hunting with hounds can occur, the number of hunters and hounds that can be used at any one time, as well as restricting the breeds of hounds that can be used.

Wildlife (Game) Regulations 2012 came into effect on 11 September 2012. Further information can be found on the Hunting Sambar Deer with hounds in Victoria and Hunting game birds and deer with dogs in Victoria pages to access the latest information that reflects the changes that have come into effect.

Page last updated: 02 Jun 2021