Hunting Hog Deer on private land

In Victoria, the only deer species with a restriction on take is Hog Deer.

Under the Wildlife (Game) Regulations 2012, Hog Deer can only by hunted during the month of April, and only one female and one male animal may be taken.  This is regulated through a tag system, which requires licensed game hunters to affix a tag to any animal taken and to present that animal to a checking station within 24 hours of the animal being harvested.

To support the commercial hunting industry, a specific permit can be applied for by private property owners to allow hunting of free-ranging wild Hog Deer on their property outside of the prescribed season.

Prior to being issued with a permit, the property owner must have an approved Hog Deer management plan and allow an onsite inspection.   The property owner can not charge for the deer, but they can charge for guiding fees, accommodation and access etc.

Where a private property owner accommodates more than five hunters outside of the regulated season, they are required to make a balloted position free for one member of the public.

please read this document for more information: Increasing commercial opportunities to harvest Hog Deer on private land outside the prescribed hunting season.

Page last updated: 02 Jun 2021