2020 Duck season considerations

The considerations for the 2020 duck season were provided to stakeholders and informed decisions regarding the 2020 duck season.

The GMA’s recommendation to Government, in December 2019, was based on assessments of rainfall data, wetland conditions, waterfowl abundance and distribution, harvest data and whether hunting activities could impact on the conservation and sustainability of waterbird populations.

When developing advice on season arrangements, the GMA consults with hunting organisations, animal welfare and conservation groups before making a recommendation to Government on duck season arrangements.

View the GMA recommendation to Government on the 2020 duck season arrangements.

Aerial Survey of Wetland Birds in Eastern Australia - October 2019 Annual Summary Report.

The following documents were submitted by invited stakeholders for the 2020 duck hunting season.

Field & Game Australia - SSAA Victoria submission

Shooting Sports Council of Victoria submission

Animals Australia submission

BirdLife Australia submission

Coalition Against Duck Shooting submission

RSPCA submission

Regional Victorians Opposed to Duck Shooting submission