Hunting Maps

The Victorian hunting maps show where hunting game and pest species is permitted on public land in Victoria.

Some areas open to hunting can be easily identified due to distinct and easily recognisable boundaries (e.g. roads) while others can be difficult to identify and are only defined by physical features or lines on a map.

There are two options you can choose from to check where hunting is permitted on public land in Victoria.

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Due to technical issues, the More to Explore mobile phone app does not show the latest information on wetlands closed to hunting for the 2023 duck season. For current information visit: 2023 wetland closures.

New electronic hunting maps have now been added as a layer to the ‘More To Explore’ mobile phone app.

The electronic mapping system shows all public land available to hunting and the species that can be hunted in specific areas, including game species and pests.

The maps can also be downloaded for use offline, when out of mobile range.

The app also provides comprehensive information on State Forest camping sites and other activities, including bushwalking and mountain bike trails as well as 4WD tracks and seasonal road closures.

More To Explore is available for iPhones from the App Store and for Androids in the Google Play store.

Further details about the More To Explore app can be found on the DEECA website.

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Using maps offline

Download the More to Explore Fact Sheet

MapShareVic - More to Explore is an online interactive mapping system, which hosts a number of different mapping layers for public land. It contains new game and pest animal hunting layers for public land in Victoria.

These extensive maps are recommended for those with a strong internet connection.

To use the maps, visit: MapShareVic

Download More to Explore:  


Hunters are personally responsible for acting in accordance with the Firearms Act 1996 (including informing themselves about any prohibited locations within the areas shown on this map) and other relevant laws; obtaining the required hunting licence; and for hunting only within season. More information can be obtained from the Game Management Authority’s web site.

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