Wetland closures – 2021 duck season

Some wetlands, or parts of wetlands, may be closed to hunting or further regulated during the duck hunting season to protect significant concentrations of rare or threatened species or colonies of breeding waterbirds.

Details regarding which wetlands are closed or further regulated are outlined in the table below:


Regulation / restrictions
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The GMA and DELWP monitors closed wetlands throughout the season. If the reason for the closure no longer exists, they may be reopened to hunting.

Closed or further regulated hunting areas

Prior to, or during the duck season, hunting areas can be further regulated or closed through a legal notice under the Wildlife Act 1975.

Further regulation or closure can occur for a number of reasons, including to protect rare and threatened species or to avoid disturbance to colonially breeding waterbirds.

Further regulation can involve additional restrictions on hunting times, equipment and hunting methods. If a closure is required instead, this can involve a partial closure of a hunting area or full closure.

Further regulated or closed wetlands are monitored throughout the duck season. If the reason for further regulation or closure no longer exists, the legal notice can be revoked.