Waterfowl Identification practice test

The practice test on this page is for use by people intending to sit the Waterfowl Identification Test.

The practice test is shorter than the real test in that it only has 14 video clips and associated questions, whereas the real test contains 22 questions.

Please note that the bird sequences and questions in the practice test are different to those in the real Waterfowl Identification Test.  The practice test is provided to assist you in preparing for the real Waterfowl Identification Test by helping you familiarise yourself with the test format.

Instructions for practice test
  • Print the practice test paper (PDF)
  • Watch the video for instructions and to complete the practice test
  • Mark your results against the answers on the back of the practice test paper

Waterfowl Identification practice test 2022.(Word)

Waterfowl Identification practice test 2022.pdf

Page last updated: 24 Oct 2022