NSW woman convicted, fined for hunting illegally in Victoria


A woman from New South Wales has been convicted, forced to pay more than $1200 in fines and costs and ordered to forfeit a set of deer antlers for committing illegal hunting offences in Victoria.

The 31-year-old woman pleaded guilty in Wodonga Magistrates Court to hunting and possessing game without a valid Game Licence at Bullioh, near Tallangatta in north-east Victoria, in July 2017.

GMA officers were alerted to the incident by police who were called to investigate a complaint from a landholder who had observed illegal hunters trespassing on their property.

Game Management Authority (GMA) director of compliance and intelligence Paul Stevens said: “The NSW woman observed at the scene became a suspect in the investigation after GMA officers discovered she had posted a photo of herself online holding a rifle with the deer.”

A headless Sambar Deer stag was photographed by GMA officers in the same location as the online photo, which revealed the women was hunting on private property without permission.

“She would have had to travel past a ‘No through road’ sign and a ‘No shooting’ sign,” Mr Stevens said.

“A subsequent licence check revealed the woman did not hold a Victorian Game Licence – a minimum requirement for hunting or taking game in Victoria.”

Further intelligence led GMA officers to a taxidermist where they identified and seized the deer antlers that were illegally taken. The deer antlers were in the process of being mounted as a trophy when they were seized.

The woman received a criminal conviction for hunting without a licence and was forced to forfeit the deer antlers. She was also fined $750 and ordered to pay $521 in court-related costs.

"Illegal hunting and irresponsible behaviour will not be tolerated. It is dangerous and can put people and wildlife at risk," Mr Stevens said.

“People who chose to hunt in Victoria need to make sure that they hold a Game Licence, are familiar with the laws and are not hunting deer illegally.”

Hunters and the public are urged to report any illegal hunting to the GMA through its website www.gma.vic.gov.au or the Customer Service Centre on 136 186, or by contacting Victoria Police.

For more information on game hunting in Victoria, visit www.gma.vic.gov.au.

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