Wetlands closed to hunting


18 wetlands will be closed or partially closed to hunting for the 2023 duck season, to prevent disturbance to significant numbers of threatened species.

Waterfowl wounding monitoring


The GMA is conducting research to monitor trends in waterfowl wounding, as part of a Waterfowl Wounding Monitoring Program.

Victoria’s 2022 aerial duck survey results


The results of Victoria’s annual aerial survey of game duck populations show an estimated population of 2.4 million game ducks in Victoria.

2023 Stubble Quail hunting season arrangements


The 2023 Stubble Quail season will open on Wednesday, 26 April and close on Tuesday, 30 May 2023.

2023 duck hunting season arrangements


The Game Management Authority has today announced the arrangements for the 2023 duck season including changes to the start times, daily bag limit and game duck species that can be hunted.

2023 Victorian Stubble Quail Survey


The GMA is conducting its annual Victorian Stubble Quail abundance and distribution survey from 14-29 January.

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On the trail to better understanding hound hunting


The GMA in collaboration with Melbourne University has completed a new study to document certain characteristics of hound hunting in Victoria.

Man convicted and penalised for illegal spotlighting and animal cruelty


Last week, a man from Markwood in north eastern Victoria pleaded guilty and was convicted in Wangaratta Magistrates Court for animal cruelty and illegal spotlighting offences.

Victoria’s aerial duck survey resumes


The GMA is conducting the annual helicopter survey across Victoria to monitor the abundance of game duck populations, to help improve our knowledge of waterfowl ecology.

2021 deer harvest report now available


The Game Management Authority has today released the Estimates of the 2021 deer harvest in Victoria report.

New GMA board director appointment


The Victorian Government has appointed a new board director to the Game Management Authority (GMA), bringing new skills and experience to Victoria’s independent game hunting regulator.

Trial Victorian Stubble Quail population survey results


The results of the Victoria’s first statewide survey of the Victoria’s Stubble Quail population are now available.

2022 Duck season compliance summary


During the 2022 duck season, GMA Authorised Officers undertook over 641 patrols at 216 individual wetlands across Victoria.

Lake Wongan to reopen to duck hunting


Lake Wongan State Game Reserve near Streatham in western Victoria will soon reopen to duck hunting.

GMA board appointments


The Victorian Government has appointed Ms Corrie Goodwin as Deputy Chairperson to the Game Management Authority and extended the appointments of Mr Chris Rose, Ms Maggy Samaan and Dr Sandra Brizga to 30 June 2025.

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