Research reveals population and genetic trends in Gippsland Hog Deer


The Game Management Authority (GMA) has today released the 2023 abundance and population genetics of Hog Deer in Victoria report.

2024 duck hunting season arrangements


The Victorian Government has announced the 2024 duck season will open at 8:00am on Wednesday, 10 April 2024 and close 30 minutes after sunset on Wednesday, 5 June 2024.

New Chairperson appointed to the Game Management Authority


The Victorian Government has appointed Chris Rose as Chairperson to the Game Management Authority, from 13 January 2024.

New GMA board director appointment


The Victorian Government has appointed a new board director to the Game Management Authority (GMA), expanding the diversity of skills and experience of Victoria’s game hunting regulator.

2023 game bird harvest report now available


The Game Management Authority (GMA) has today released the Estimates of duck and Stubble Quail harvest in Victoria 2023 report.

2023 waterfowl wounding monitoring results


The results of the Game Management Authority’s (GMA) 2023 Waterfowl Wounding Monitoring Program are now available.

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Victoria’s duck abundance survey about to begin


The Game Management Authority (GMA) will begin its annual aerial survey of Victoria’s game duck population on Monday, 16 October 2023.

2022 deer harvest report now available


The Game Management Authority has today released the Estimates of the 2022 deer harvest in Victoria report.

New online education for hunters


The Game Management Authority (GMA) has launched a series of new online education modules, to better equip and prepare hunters for the field.

Joint agency patrols in the High Country mark the start of seasonal road closures


Parks Victoria and Game Management Authority (GMA) Authorised Officers in northeast Victoria have recently begun patrols to mark the beginning of seasonal road closures in the Alpine National Park and adjoining state forest.

Stubble Quail abundance survey results


The results of Victoria’s second statewide abundance survey estimated there were 6.7 million Stubble Quail in Victoria.

2023 Duck season compliance summary


During the 2023 duck season, Game Management Authority’s (GMA) Authorised Officers undertook 469 patrols at 216 individual wetlands across Victoria.

Wetlands closed to hunting


18 wetlands will be closed or partially closed to hunting for the 2023 duck season, to prevent disturbance to significant numbers of threatened species.

Waterfowl wounding monitoring


The GMA is conducting research to monitor trends in waterfowl wounding, as part of a Waterfowl Wounding Monitoring Program.

Victoria’s 2022 aerial duck survey results


The results of Victoria’s annual aerial survey of game duck populations show an estimated population of 2.4 million game ducks in Victoria.

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